Argentina's country is 5,000km long (South to Nord where it reaches the equator) and 1,000km narrow (East to West). The North Ovest of Argentina (NOA) sits at the Northern tip where the West Cordillera of the Andes of volcanic formation meets the Eastern sedimentary-tectonic formation, shaping these highlands as nowhere else on earth. North Ovest of Argentina is an "Out of state" where "Life on the edge".

Chile - Torres del Paine National Park - Magellan's Region of Chile. Part of the "End of the World Route". The Cordillera del Paine is the granite centerpiece of this park (three massif Towers: D'Agostini, Central and Monzino), joined by los Cuernos. All around are glaciers, mountains and lakes. Paine, means "blu" in the ancient language, representing the waters on which the cordillera sits and reflects snow, ice and sky.
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